At Limpede Ink, we believe everyone has a story worth telling. But figuring out how to tell that story, and to the widest possible audience, can be difficult. Every aspect of the creative process—writing, revising, and publishing—presents unique challenges, especially if going at it alone.

With Limpede Ink, you'll overcome those challenges through working one-on-one with a seasoned editor familiar with your genre. Whether a novel, novella, short story collection, memoir, poetry chapbook, play, screenplay, or nonfiction series, we can help you assess the current state of your manuscript, develop a plan to revise and edit, and guide you through self-publishing or sending out your manuscript to agents or publishers.

Our expertise is attributed to years of involvement in the writing and publishing industry. We've served as workshop instructors, teachers, and publishers, and we've worked with agents, editors, and presses. In short, we know good writing when we see it, and we know how to help you get published.


Limpede Ink is a division of Carve Magazine LLC and was formed in 2016. Matthew Limpede chose the name as a tribute to his family's business and legacy of entrepreneurship: His parents' commercial paint contracting company was named Limpede, Incorporated — or "Limpede Inc." for short.