Manuscript evaluation

Schedule an evaluation of your novel, short story collection, memoir, or nonfiction book.

Let a professional editor deliver an assessment of your book's strengths and shortfalls and learn how to move forward with confidence or guidance.



Your assigned editor will read your manuscript in its entirety, and then you'll receive verbal feedback during a Skype or phone meeting. Afterwards, a 1-2 page written summary of the feedback will be delivered.

Feedback will be broad in scope, covering character arcs, plot, strength of language and style, with specific examples from your manuscript earmarked for your reference. Your editor's goal is to let you know, as a whole, what's working and what needs improvement.

Manuscript evaluations are less intensive than a developmental or line-by-line edit, and they're ideal for writers looking for feedback and direction on what to do after finishing or revising a full completed draft. Your editor can provide a wealth of information and perspective on the state of your book-length manuscript and give you insight into planning your next steps toward revision and publishing.



The rate is 1.5¢/word with a $375 minimum and 100,000 word maximum. (Manuscripts over 100,000 words are considered, but will likely incur an additional fee.)

After you contact us through the form below, we'll:

  1. Assign an editor (either Matthew Limpede or Mag Gabbert).

  2. Schedule a delivery/start date for you to deliver your manuscript.

  3. Schedule a date for meeting after the editor's read-through.

After a delivery date is scheduled for the manuscript, you will receive an emailed invoice and may submit payment online via a secure link or mail a check/money order.

Payment is due in full no later than one week prior to your delivery/start date.



If you're still working on touching up your manuscript, you can still fill out the form and schedule a time in the next 1-2 months to lock in the low per-word rate offered now. This rate expires February 28, 2019, so contact us before then to set up your delivery date.