Matthew helped me discover writing strengths and talents I didn’t know I possessed. His constant encouragement has given me confidence. His suggestions have deepened my work. His guidance and friendship has been essential to my growth as a writer.
— John Vurro
To say Bridget helped me grow as a writer is an understatement. She helped me deal with the big things in my life, gave me courage to go to the scary places and find meaning. I was stuck and she helped me move forward. I go back to my notes from class and I use her wise teachings all the time. I seek wisdom in new places thanks to Bridget.
— Risa Brown
I have worked with Matthew on many pieces of writing over the past several years, and I have found his in-depth critiques, edits, and comments to be invaluable. Matthew’s feedback has always pushed me to improve each piece of writing I’ve sent him. What is unique about Matthew’s approach is his ability to demand more from the writer without ever becoming discouraging. To the contrary, Matthew’s thoughtful responses have always been a motivating influence that has helped me to achieve more with my work. I recommend his services as an editor and mentor wholeheartedly.
— Anthony Inverso
Without Bridget I would never have finished my novel, nor would it be of the quality I feel it is. She taught me to write with a critical eye and honed my craft. With her help, I transitioned quickly from a green beginner to a skilled writer. My manuscript, which she reviewed in its entirety, was selected by SMU for their Writer’s Seminar in New York. Bridget brainstormed with me about my project without taking it over. For anyone serious about writing, I strongly recommend her as a mentor/consultant. Bridget facilitated the accomplishment of my dreams: to be a writer.
— Cindi Stock